Licensed Professional Counselor

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Laura provides individual, marital, and family therapy for adolescents and adults for a wide variety of both clinical and non-clinical issues. Areas of special interest include relationship skills development for teens and adults, couples counseling, parenting issues, emotional abuse, divorce recovery, mood disturbances including anxiety and depression, and faith-based counseling (if preferred).

I am trained as both a professional counselor and a marriage and family therapist, so although I deal with a wide variety of issues, my focus is on how those issues affect and are affected by the important relationships in a person’s life - including friendships, spouses, significant others, and family members.

Our emotions determine how we see ourselves and how we interact with others. The key to learning to respect ourselves and build healthy relationships with others is learning how to identify our emotions - both the obvious, loud emotions and the subtler, buried ones - and exploring their effect on our thinking, our behavior, and our relationships.