• Emotionally-Focused Therapy: The intimacy we experience with one another is directly proportional to the risks we are willing to take in our relationship. We all have an intense need for someone in our lives on whom we can count to love and accept us unconditionally – to be there for us no matter what happens in life. When the fulfillment of that need is threatened, we tend to pull back behind our protective walls and distance ourselves from the one person in our lives who can fill that need. Learning to share these vulnerable needs and fears with our partner, instead of pulling away from them, is the key to creating intimacy and connection with our significant other.

  • Gottman Therapy: At the heart of a healthy marriage is a solid friendship, based on mutual respect and admiration for one another. Nurturing our fondness and respect for our partner and learning to communicate it in small every-day ways helps us to accept our differences, appreciate the gift of our spouse, and connect with one another on a powerful emotional level.