“What we hunger for perhaps more than anything else is to be known in our full humanness, and yet that is often just what we fear more than anything else”   – Frederick Buechner


 Above all else, you need to know that your story matters. Who you are, how you think, what you believe, what you want, what you don’t want – it’s all of the utmost importance. And the experiences that have shaped your life – both good and bad – are all part of the unique and wonderful person that is you. My goal in therapy is to help you discover that person

 Sometimes our lives get jumbled into what seems like a hopeless mess. It takes a great deal of courage and hope to tackle that mess.  When people are willing to bring that to me, I can journey with them as they explore their “stuck” places and uncover those incredible strengths that too often get buried in the mess.

 For a more detailed explanation of some of the ideas and theories I use to help us navigate the journey, please see the “Who I Help” pages.